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The Minneapolis skyline with Stone Arch bridge in foreground.

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Code Snippet

Site now secured using Let’s Encrypt.

Everything went smoothly except for one plug-in, “Code Snippet Library” which loads Ace.js from CloudFront CDN via HTTP, which resulted in warnings about an insecure script. I needed to override [...]
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Floating Hack

Floated Elements with Javascript

A quick and dirty jQuery script to collapse a parent element when floated. This allows the element to be centered using [ margin: 0 auto; ] See the Pen AHjdo [...]
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Backyard Shrooms

Backyard Shrooms

Two years ago, the city made me cut down a monster elm tree in my backyard. Now I have a cool mushroom garden. The shot below was taken with my [...]
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Dad Fly Fishing

Fly fishing with dad.

I went fishing with my dad on Father’s Day. The video below was taken with a Canon T1i and kit lens (18-55).
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Rubber Cement Pyromania

Good old Elmer’s never should have put “Flammable” on the label. Never leave a photographer alone with dice, rubber cement, a hot glue gun, a sheet of glass and some [...]
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Zombie Video

Zombie Test Video

I’m working on an idea for a short film. So, on the way home I shot some test footage in the parking garage. This brief shot was captured using my [...]
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2008 Minneapolis Aquatennial Fireworks

Archiving My Summer

I ran across a nice firework shot while doing my September archiving. It was taken during the 2008 Aquatennial fireworks, in Minneapolis along the Mississippi river front. Each year I [...]
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Saint Paul Riverfront

Taste of Minnesota Fireworks.

The Taste of Minnesota started this weekend, so I headed to Saint Paul this Saturday to photograph the fireworks. I arrived early and wandered for hours, but the crowds were [...]
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